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Discovery Pass 2022

Discovery Pass 2022

Industrial culture at your whim

A Compass in the newly designed Discoverer Pass makes it easier to navigate to the highlights of the Industrial Heritage Route

The Route Industrial Heritage's free Discoverer Pass offers exciting and informative insights in its new compact A6 format. In addition to information on all 27 anchor points, the brochure contains a number of new features. Last year, for example, the Friedrich Heinrich Colliery Park in Kamp-Lintfort became the first anchor point on the left bank of the Rhine to be added to the Industrial Heritage Route. In addition to the anchor points - including the UNESCO World Heritage Zollverein in Essen, the LWL Industrial Museum Henrichshütte Hattingen, the Aquarius Water Museum in Mülheim a.d.R., the Maximilianpark in Hamm or the Inner Harbor in Duisburg - the Discovery Pass presents 17 breathtaking panoramas of the industrial landscape and 13 important settlements.

For the first time, in addition to basic information on the location, history and activities at the 27 anchor points, supplementary texts on the surrounding area are published, pointing out further, rather unknown exciting industrial-cultural sites and inviting the reader to explore them. This makes the Discovery Pass a reliable companion and planner for a day trip along the Industrial Culture Route. At the heart of the new edition is a compass that allows you to select a suitable anchor point according to categories such as family, sports, photo, etc.

Information on accessibility and how to get there by car, bike or public transport completes the discovery pass. In addition, there is information on the, which can be used to "experience" the Industrial Heritage Route by bike.

How does the Discoverer Pass work?

Diligent explorers are rewarded: The sites visited can be stamped in the explorer pass. With six industrial heritage visits, a reward can be collected on presentation of the stamped Discoverer Pass at the Ruhr Visitor Center at the Zollverein UNESCO World Heritage Site or at the Hoheward Visitor Center in Herten/Recklinghausen. This year's prize is a practical umbrella with the route logo, which invites visitors to explore the Industrial Heritage Route in all weathers (only while stocks last).

Further information on the "Route of Industrial Culture" at:  Route Industriekultur

Herausgeber:Regionalverband Ruhr, RVR-Route Industriekultur
Ausgabe:Essen, Dezember 2021
Ausführung: Broschüre (138 Seiten; zahlreiche Abbildungen)

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